This war of mine: 25 best mods for all players

After struggling with adding mods to lớn the Epic Store version of the game. Here is how you vì chưng it.

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Assuming the tệp tin you downloaded is called 1234567_greatgian lậ, unzip all the files into: ~DocumentsThis War of MineMods

Rename all the extracted files to lớn the following filenumber + _ + filename. As an example, assume had a tệp tin called common.dat, rename common.dat lớn 1234567_common.dat.

There is a tệp tin in ~DocumentsThis War of MineMods called Mods.list. Add the following line khổng lồ it: 1234567|GreatMod|Description|enabled|local

Voila, your mod should appear in game

Here is a picture of the tệp tin structure:

Hope this helps!

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màn chơi 1 · 2ySo instead of downloading a hack, I made my own mod using Storyteller.exe. I renamed all the dat files inside the thủ thuật thư mục & did as you have said & its still not working. I was hoping if you can be more specific on these files.

For instance I've sầu made my own thủ thuật & repacked them giving me a folder with a random generated name (3e4g....) with 3e4g... .dat so I named those 2 dat files into 0001_3e4g.... and 0002_3e4g.... and types into lớn the form

(forgot khổng lồ mention inside storyteller.exe pháo I named the hack Inventory Expander)

0001|Inventory Expander|No Description|enabled|local

and same with the other file

và both didn't work

Can you please make a tutorial on that please

It would be really helpful

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They work now!

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Happy to help!

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cấp độ 1 · 2ySo, I'm on the Epic launcher, not Steam, & this interests me.

The trang web you mentioned has a very limited number of mods in it. Also, when I clichồng on "download" it takes me khổng lồ another trang web asking me to lớn login/signup. How many places are we supposed lớn sign up? smods? or that other website? Also,, doesn't really have many mods. I counted around 5, at best. Suggestions? Pointers? I'm interested in mods lượt thích more loot, improved crafting, etc., etc., khổng lồ make the game less grindy.

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I personally did not have sầu lớn sign up anywhere. After clicking download, it should take you to lớn Afterwards, you clichồng on `Free Download`, then on `Download File`.

Hope that helps.

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Doesn't work for me. I see the mods in the game with check marks next lớn them but on the right it says "Status Not loaded". And I don't see them in the storyteller.exe pháo when I start it.

What am I doing wrong?

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Do you already get the answer yet? Because i also stuông chồng in the same problem.

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level 1 · 2y · edited 2yso yeah it doesnt work for me

1848613576|Cheat_Mode_V3.1|No Description|enabled|local

thats what i put và thats it but in game it said not loaded even tho its enabled (little green checkmark) và i restarted my game

so it always says NOT LOADED và i dont know how khổng lồ load it

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At first, I had the _comtháng files situated in the unzipped downloaded mod folder, wich was inside: (DocumentsThis War of MineMods).

So, there where 2 folders*. The first one to lớn place the* downloaded gian lận (literally comes with the game), & the other one that IS the gian lận.

2) I renamed the _common files with the (in my case) "1355265191" gian lận number, and added to lớn the mods.list file: 1355265191|Stacking|Nodescription|enabled|local lượt thích the tutorial said. Example (for me):




3) But when I entered the game, it said that the hack was enabled but not loaded. So here’s the solution:

The unzipped Mod being inside a folder was the problem. The _comtháng files have khổng lồ be loose inside "DocumentsThis War of MineMods", not contained in a folder.

5) Erase the unzipped gian lận thư mục that contained the _common files. In my case was "1355265191 Better Stacking Items".

6) The tệp tin remains the same: 1355265191|Stacking|Nodescription|enabled|local