Download Mod Ets2

What is this?

As we are a gian lận, we need to get some files onkhổng lồ your computer to lớn be able khổng lồ play.This liên kết will download our small launcher which will keep your copy of our mod up todate. If there are new patches, we will work quickly tosupport them & provide updates via the launcher. Only files that have been updatedwill be downloaded. If you find you have sầu any issues withour patcher, please feel không tính tiền to open a ticket with our support team và one of ourfriendly tư vấn staff will be able lớn assist with any issues youmay be having.

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How does it work?

In technical terms, our launcher will enable our custom code & will "hook" into lớn thesingle-player game process. What this does is, it enables us more control of the game process.As you can guess, a multiplayer mod is a bit more advanced than replacing a fewtextures and sound files. Because we have sầu more access khổng lồ control the game, we are ablelớn bởi vì things likespawn trucks (so you can see others), play additional sounds (CB radio), & enablenetwork communication (online aspect).




Players List

Pressing TAB will show you a menu of all the players around you, including IDs, Ping,Distance, Tags và nicknames!

Scout Car

Our very own car addon for the game, featuring customisable parts và a caravan trailer,available for use by all players.

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Regular Events

If you like lớn drive sầu with more people than just your friends, join our regular events!Convoys, Racing Championships and even Real Operations. Keep an eye on our blog for moreinformation.

Report System

Players who break our rules can be reported using the in-game report system. Select theplayer in the players danh mục & our Game Moderation Team will nhận xét your report as soon aspossible.

OSWindows 7 / 8.1 64-bitWindows 10 64-bit
.Net.Net 4.0 (Pre installed on newer Windows version)
ProcessorDual core CPU 2.4 GHzQuad core CPU 3.0 GHz
Memory4 GB RAM6 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce GTS 450-class (1 GB)GeForce GTX 760-class (2 GB)
Hard Drive200 MB1 GB

You also need to lớn meet system requirements oftriệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2andAmerican Truông xã Simulator

If you like our work and want to help support our game servers, trang web or domain,please consider becoming a Patron or donating. Every donation helps us lớn improve yourexperience on our platsize.