Hello people of!I"ve sầu seen a fair amount of people running inkhổng lồ an issue on newer, windows 10 PC"s.GTA San Andreas & other older games, will not start, due khổng lồ a DirectX error. People are saying that you need lớn rename a dll tệp tin, but not all of the people have sầu this dll for some reason. I am not saying that this doesn"t work, it just doesn"t work for everyone, including myself.Some games will start however, but crash almost instantly. I"ve sầu not been able khổng lồ find a good, clear tutorial on how to fix this. However, it"s an easy fix và it won"t take too long.Alright, lets get started. The first thing you want to lớn do is open your control panel.

Bạn đang xem: Grand theft auto sa requires at least directx version 9


In the control panel, make your way over lớn programs, in the bottom left, then cliông chồng "programs & features" in the top of the screen.In the left side of your screen, you will see this, clichồng "Turn windows features on or off"

This will open a các mục of windows features, make you way over lớn "Legacy Components" & clichồng the little plus sign. Tichồng the box next khổng lồ Directplay và click on "OK"

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This will open another window, wait for the process lớn complete & try to lớn run your game.Your game should now start và run fine, I hope this tutorial helped you!

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