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Whether it’s Band of Brothers or other epic WWII films lượt thích Saving Private Ryan or Dunkirk, I’d bet a lot of us get that WWII itch every now and then.

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Well if you’re on the lookout for something similar, the game that did it for me was Company of Heroes 2.

There aren’t many options that are as recognizable as the Company of Heroes series (especially in the RTS genre). And that’s simply because they’re great games.

We already covered some of the greathử nghiệm mods lớn try for CoH 1. This các mục is just a nice continuation for the sequel.

15. All Units (170 added)


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Units always play a huge role in what makes any RTS game.

And with the All Units hack by SneakEye, there’s an endless number of options for you lớn explore.

The thủ thuật was actually released bachồng in năm trước, adding over 60 new units to the game.

The team then took the time to go over all of the feedback they received from the community – which already tells you that this is probably one of the best mods you can get, & took the gian lận through another 5 years or so of development.

The over result was released just last year, and there’s really nothing more we could ask for.

The mod gives us access to lớn 170 new units in total, along with smaller upgrades lượt thích over 750 custom images, new upgrades và abilities, & new structures to build.

14. Population Cap


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One of the main differences between CoH2 and the first Company of Heroes is the setting.

Instead of focusing on the allied forces like the previous, we’re now taken lớn the Eastern Front. You primarily take control of the Soviet Red Army across some of the biggest military events in history.

With that, you’re most likely going to lớn want khổng lồ simulate these large-scale battles lớn full effect.

In order to do that, all you need is the Population Cap mod.

You’ll now have control over population caps in both Victory Point and Annihilation modes, allowing you to manually phối caps to either 125, 150, 200, 250, & 500.

13. Infantry Assault


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If you’re looking for an even more customized CoH2 playthrough, Infantry Assault is another great tool.

This one was made for those who specifically prefer lớn play with infantry rather than assault vehicles – as the gian lận completely removes them from the game.

With that, all assault vehicles including tanks, will no longer be accessible – forcing all players lớn use only the different infantry types available lớn them.

This definitely makes for an interesting shift in balance. Which will surely make for an interesting session.

12. Arctic Storm Winter Skin Pack


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Of course, there are those who consider the vehicles to be one of the best parts of the game – so why not give sầu them some nâng cấp instead of removing them from the game?

Okay, this might not be much of an nâng cấp. But here’s an example of what modding can bởi vì lớn some of the textures here.

The Arctic Storm Winter Skin Pack, as you can probably tell from the name, enhances the winter skins for all vehicles in the game.

The skins here look much more realistic than the default winter skins, and can go a long way in enhancing the overall visual quality of your game.

11. Historical Commanders


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The Company of Heroes commander system is another huge part of what makes the game quality.

Commanders offer quality skill trees that let you unlochồng certain abilities throughout your playthrough, và ultimately determine how you maneuver your troops through the various scenarquả táo in the chiến dịch.

Puppeteer’s Historical Commanders gian lận beefs the system up even more, giving you access lớn a total of 30 commanders, with 6 for each faction in the game.

Abilities have sầu also been increased khổng lồ 6 from the mặc định 5, and the hack provides many new abilities too – all of which are unique for each commander.

10. DropZone v1.6


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In case you prefer to lớn enjoy a good game of COH2 with some friends, you might like stuff lớn keep the multiplayer experience going for hours.

DropZone is a great option, as the mod introduces a new mechanic for paradrops.

Essentially, a paradrop location will be identified every few minutes, where multiple planes will drop useful loot for either you or your enemies khổng lồ use.

Loot value progresses as the game moves forward as well, so it’s probably best lớn stay on top of those drops.

9. Iron Hearts


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If you find yourself on the opposite side of the spectrum và prefer to lớn play through the solo chiến dịch instead, this next one just might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Modder Opulent Omega actually created a completely alternative sầu campaign for the game, now letting us play as a group of Axis deserters on their journey to escape the war.

The campaign is quite lengthy as well, và has been split into five different parts.

You’ll be able to access all five on Opulent Omega’s worksiêu thị page, linked above.

8. The Advanced Powers


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If in case you’re looking for a more extensive sầu overall, there are loads of options for total overhauls.

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Let’s start here!

Advanced Powers is a great example, allowing us lớn play through a completely alternate history where German scientists have uncovered a way lớn weaponize dark matter.

As if the concept wasn’t interesting enough, the gian lận is a complete overhaul of the game.

This means you’ll find completely new weaponry, units, và structures, along with a few new gameplay mechanics as well. Talk about some serious modding.

7. Battleground: Europe


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While there are mods lượt thích Advanced Powers that take a more fictional approach, there are the realism mods for the history buffs as well.

Battleground: Europe is one of the best realism mods you can get for the game.

Every little detail is based on careful research to lớn give sầu us the most historically accurate experience as possible.

There are tons of balance changes here that make for longer, much more epic battles – as they would actually be in real life.

This of course throws out the action-packed pacing you might be used to, so if you’re not looking khổng lồ slow things down, keep on scrolling.

6. The Living Dead


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Anything WWII wouldn’t be complete without a zombie hack. And CoDiEx & Sitatop’s “The Living Dead” is exactly that.

Not only does the mod add zombies inlớn the set, but you’ll find new units, abilities, buildings, & upgrades as well.

Lots of new stuff to go around.

What’s especially cool about this gian lận is that it doesn’t just give sầu you the option khổng lồ fight off zombie hordes, but you can choose to play as the zombie faction as well.

5. Make CoH Great Again


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While most would argue that COH 2 improved on pretty much every aspect of the original, it can’t be helped that there are still some purists who will always prefer the first.

Well if you find yourself in that category, then you might want khổng lồ kiểm tra out Make CoH Great Again by modders Despe, L4DK | Foxhound, and SneakEye.

The whole concept of the mod is lớn bring everything good from the first game, baông xã inlớn Company of Heroes 2.

This means that the hack adds all the original COH commanders, along with some completely new ones, redesigned factions, balance changes, and unit classes ahy vọng other changes.

4. The First Reinforcements


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Here’s another one from modder Sitatop, and as he himself explains, this is a perfect mod for making COH 2 feel “fresh và new” for longtime players.

First Reinforcements doesn’t necessarily overhaul everything in the game.

But rather it introduces enough change to make things feel different from your first few playthroughs.

The mod features 3 completely reworked factions và loads of custom units lớn discover along the way.

3. Spearhead – Combat Overhaul


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If you’re looking khổng lồ spice things up even more, Spearhead is another great option khổng lồ try.

Spearhead is easily one of the most popular mods for Company of Heroes 2, và is widely considered a bạn favourite for sure.

This thủ thuật overhauls the combat system khổng lồ make for a more fast-paced battle experience.

Weapons have been buffed across the board, so pretty much everything in the game does more damage. If you want to lớn look at it from the opposite perspective – all units will die much quicker.

Along the damage rebalance comes a couple new units, a more tactical infantry combat system, và new doctrines khổng lồ make things even more interesting as well.

2. Wikinger: European Theater of War


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Up next we have another historical realism mod, & another one of the most popular mods you can find for COH2.

Wikinger expands the game’s campaign khổng lồ cover both sides of the battle for Europe.

It also covers all events between D-Day & VE Day, which means you have sầu the option lớn fight as the Allied troops storming Normandy or the Soviet Red Army in the Eastern Front.

Plenty to lớn enjoy here if you’re really looking for immersion.

1. Wikinger: Win Condition Pack


Cheông xã Out This Mod

Now if you’re going lớn play through a Wikinger chiến dịch, you’re going khổng lồ want the Wikinger Win Condition Paông xã to lớn go with it.

The pachồng contains a completely custom UI, pre-built bases, & population cap options along with other quality-of-life improvements that are made specifically khổng lồ enhance your Wikinger experience.

To be blunt: I would rank both at the top spot if possible, because they both go so well together. In fact, for true functionality I’d go so far as saying both are required to get the full experience.

There’s no better way lớn enjoy Wikinger, so I highly recommkết thúc getting both installed.

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