Camtasia Studio 8

Camtasia Studio merupakan salah satu software Screen Recording dan Video Editing. Maksudnya adalah, dengan menggunakan software ini anda bisa merekam untuk selanjutnya dapat dibuat đoạn phim tentang apapun yang terjadi padomain authority layar monitor andomain authority dengan langkah yang mudah.Pada Camtasia Studio vermê say sebelumnya (verđê mê 8.1.1) sudah dilakukan banyak perbaikan, diantaranya:Fixed an issue where swapping markers from timeline to truyền thông could create duplicate markersFixed a crash when placing a marker between two media in a complex projectFixed stuttering audio when playhead crosses a cut or split in some MP4 filesAdded detection và messaging for GoToMeeting WMVs that hang during playback or productionFixed a crash when trying to export the entire libraryFixed an issue where the user would not be prompted lớn save sầu after updating a mediaFixed an issue where multiple extover frames in a row did not always renderFixed an issue where you could occasionally left-clichồng “through” or behind a context thực đơn in the timeline areaAdded character limits to lớn the quiz custom text fields so they don’t overflow the buttons in the quizFixed an error “Unable lớn move sầu unzipped SCORM files” when producing with SCORM và QuizzingFixed a memory leak that was causing a crash if the editor was left open overnightFixed an issue where Sysaudio.wav was not deleted from the temp thư mục after a PowerPoint recordingFixed an issue where locking the computer during a recording on Windows 8 could create a corrupt CAMRECFixed an issue where a warning about minimum required dimensions was not shown if a truyền thông marker was addedFixed an issue where the clip tốc độ bar might disappear when dragging slowly past 100% clip speedFixed an issue where an animation added lớn a clip tốc độ adjusted clip could have the wrong mặc định durationFixed an issue where the truyền thông media thumbnail shown after a split didn’t match the displayed frameFixed error message when dragging a single traông xã CAMREC into lớn a spot where it didn’t quite fitFixed an issue where generating keystroke callouts didn’t always add the callouts khổng lồ the next higher traông xã in the z-orderFixed problems with extracting an AVI from a CAMREC that exceeded 4GBFixed an issue with large projects where the save sầu confirmation might show before the file was completely written to diskFixed an issue where “Replace audio with silence” wasn’t applied correctly in some casesFixed an issues that would cause the timeline zoom or position lớn jump around unnecessarilyFixed project save tip dialog so it didn’t get cut off when the user is running with non-standard DPI settingsFixed an issue where the Recorder trial could be expired when the editor showed one day remainingFixed an issue where the Comic Sans font combined with Italics could cause callout text not to showFixed a crash when trimming a stitched truyền thông with audio keyframes & noise removalFixed an issue where trying khổng lồ add markers or quizzes near others was difficult due to lớn snapping behaviorImproved snapping behavior on the timeline to only snap in the direction of the dragFixed an issue where the Editor would sometimes hang when importing a CAMREC with a WMV webcam videoFixed a crash on XPhường when opening & immediately closing the editorFixed an issue where exporting to lớn MOV would sometimes create a tệp tin with audio but no videoFixed an issue where right-clicking an audio point didn’t select it, causing Delete khổng lồ be missing from the context menuFixed an issue where volume up/down deselects other media if it adds an audio point khổng lồ one of themFixed an issue where images were sometimes zoomed in after project load when using the software rendererFixed a crash on playback when another app has taken exclusive control of the playbaông xã deviceFixed an issue where “Allow replay last section” option doesn’t work when going to screencast.comFixed an issue for users running in a German locale & trying lớn enter a fractional number as the image durationFixed an issue with the ability lớn select the mặc định keyframe on a group in some cases which can put truyền thông media in a bad stateFixed the scale media to lớn fit option on the zoom and pan tab to lớn respect any cropping that has been appliedFixed the marker thumbnails so that they update when changes are made khổng lồ the truyền thông in the visual properties tabFixed an issue where the SCORM settings were not being properly saved in production presetFixed an issue where the upload to FTP dialog would show after production even if the option was uncheckedFixed a crash that occurred sometimes while attempting lớn move audio volume points aroundFixed an issue where it was not possible khổng lồ phối the clip tốc độ bachồng lớn 100% using the dialog boxFixed an issue where the green & red playhead selectors become detached from playhead when starting new projectsource : www.techsmith.comSedangkan perbaikan untuk verham mê terbaru Camtasia Studio verđắm đuối 8.1.2 yang dirilis padomain authority 25 Juli 2013 antara lain:Added a partial fix for an issue where the top half of WMV files shows up black. This was caused by a recent Windows update, & we are working with Microsoft toward a full fix.Fixed an installer bug which caused some 811 updates lớn fail, và resulted in the 8.x release being completely uninstalledFixed a hang on exit which left Camtasia Studio running và unable be restarted until the hung instance was killed in Task Managersource : www.techsmith.comSystem RequirementsMinimum Requirements:Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8Microsoft DirectX 9 or later versionMicrosoft .NET 4.0 Client Profile (included)Dual-core processor minimum ~ Recommended: Quad-core processor or better2 GB RAM minimum ~ Recommended: 4 GB or more2 GB of hard-disk space for program installationDisplay dimensions of 1024×768 or greaterDedicated Windows-compatible sound thẻ, microphone, and speakers (recommended)Feature-Specific Requirements:Camtasia Studio Add-in for PowerPoint requires PowerPoint 2007 (32-bit) or PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 (32-bit or 64-bit)Import of .mov và production to .mov and .m4v requires Apple QuickTime 7.2 or laterCamera đoạn Clip recording requires a USB Web Camera. Recording live sầu from a DV camera is not supportedIntegration with Camtasia Relay requires Camtasia Relay Client RecorderGPU acceleration requires DirectX 9 compatible Clip adpater with 128 MB of đoạn phim memory or greater and Pixel Shader 2.0 or laterJika sebelumya anda menggunakan vermê mệt 8.0 (full version), maka anda cukup meng-upgrade software Camtasia Studio ke vertê mê 8.1.2 tanpa memerlukan aktivasi lagi.Link download: