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GTA 6 will reportedly take us baông chồng to a familiar location, but the sequel may deviate from other franchise norms in some notable ways.

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By Matthew Byrd | July 6, 2021 | | Comments count:0
Photo: Rockstar Games

A fascinating series of GTA 6 rumors suggest that the long-awaited sequel is going to feature a blkết thúc of old và new concepts in terms of its location, protagonists, and kích thước.

Before we get into lớn all of that, though, I cannot emphakích thước enough that these are only rumors. There is no guarantee that any of this information is true. In fact, there’s a chance that this information is true at the moment but could be changed by the time that GTA 6 is finished & released (more on that in a bit).

Actually, we probably wouldn’t even be sharing these rumors with you if they didn’t come from a consistently reliable source (GTA reporter và đoạn Clip game news leaker, Tom Henderson) and weren’t being supported by notable industry reporters such as Jason Schreier and the staff at VGC. As that is the case, though, then we’re compelled to share these exciting new details with you, even if they come with a warning khổng lồ keep your expectations in check.

First off, this report suggests that GTA 6 will indeed take place in a more “modern” version of Vice City. While that’s been something of an open secret for quite some time now (and several previous reports indicated that Rockstar really wants khổng lồ set the next GTA in a more modern time period) new information suggests that Vice City is more of a “starting point” for your GTA 6 adventure. Actually, it sounds lượt thích GTA 6‘s Vice City bản đồ may initially be noticeably smaller than the retail version of GTA 5‘s maps.

However, it seems that Rockstar intends to lớn grow that initial area through Fortnite-style bản đồ updates that will greatly expvà the size of (or significantly alter) GTA 6‘s world over time as well as give sầu you more to vày in it. What’s not clear at this time is whether or not those updates will come in the size of single-player DLC releases, GTA Online updates, or a combination of both. It seems lượt thích the current plan is lớn release a combination of nội dung and updates, but it’s also possible that GTA 6 will integrate online play inlớn the single-player chiến dịch more than we’ve seen in previous GTA games. That could mean that we’re looking at a potential “always online” single-player scenario, but again, that is just speculation.

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Furthermore, this report suggests that GTA 6 will revive sầu one of GTA 5‘s best ideas by allowing you khổng lồ play as multiple protagonists throughout the course of the campaign. This time around, though, it sounds lượt thích the plan is khổng lồ make one of those lead characters GTA‘s first playable female protagonist. That’s not the first time we’ve sầu heard that GTA 6 will likely star at least one playable female character, but this report mentions that she is currently being described internally as the most intelligent of the game’s multiple playable characters and that her skillset will likely revolve around hacking và other tech-related abilities. That could also be taken khổng lồ mean that GTA 6‘s playable characters will once again function as a “crew” who each bring unique skills lớn the table.

There’s also a rumor that GTA 6 will feature cryptocurrency in some way, but since it’s not clear whether cryptocurrency will simply be used as a kind of in-game monetary system or whether GTA 6 will somehow feature some kind of “real world” crypto lớn tie-ins, we wouldn’t draw too many conclusions from that part of the report at this time.

Finally, it sounds like Rockstar doesn’t expect GTA 6 khổng lồ be released until sometime closer to 2024 or 2025. That’s honestly the part of this report you can probably consider to be the safest bet, as GTA Online is still going svào, GTA 5 is still set to be released on next-ren consoles, & everything we’ve sầu heard so far suggests that Rockstar is generally not in a hurry to lớn finish this game, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic slowed production to lớn a crawl across much of the đoạn phim game industry. Interestingly, that release window means that GTA 6The Elder Scrolls 6 could be released in the same year.

Ultimately, there’s nothing in this report that doesn’t sound entirely reasonable & doesn’t support GTA 6 rumors we’ve been hearing for years now. If that release window is to be believed, though, then it could still be a couple more years before we learn any concrete information about the next GTA.