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Imagine having the entire Universe at your disposal, in a simple wristband. This is what Ben 10: Omniverse Collection game offers you. Such a high range of diversity and entertainment. Playing this game will never get boring. Because all of the levels are entirely different and thrilling. Are you curious to find out what it is all about?

Do you know how many types of aliens there are in the Universe? You are about to find out. Because you will get the chance to play alongside them in this fantastic game. That will only happen if you manage to pass all of the levels flawlessly, of course. Do not worry, though. We have the tips and tricks that will certainly help you.

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There are as many levels as there are aliens in the Universe. So you will be entertained by this game. The attacks will also be different, depending on the character that will be fighting for you. So join the adventure and fight for success. Let’s see how to achieve your goals!

Fight against the evil aliens!

Your character will not be alone on the battlefield. And the prizes will not come as easily as you might think. The purpose of the game is to collect all of the coins from all of the different floors of the level. To do this, you must first defeat the monsters that protect the treasures.

They will be everywhere, on every floor, just waiting for you. And if one of the monsters shoots your character or if your hero touches them in any way, it will die. Be careful because you will not have other lives, and you will have to restart the level every time you fail in achieving your goal.

To move around, all you need to do is to use the arrow keys. The Up arrow key helps you jump from one floor to the other. And the Down arrow key will help you go down one level.

To make sure the monsters will not be bothering you, press the space-bar to attack. If you hold it longer, the strength of the attack will grow, and the monsters will drop dead.

Everything will run smoothly if you follow the instructions and if you are patient enough, but most importantly, if you are brave. So master your skills, approach your enemies, and collect all of the goodies that you encounter. This is the only way you can evolve.

Are you ready?

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