However the zoom màn chơi is too much zoomed for gameplay, expecially near walls or with large cities.

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Is it only me? Is there a way to lớn feedbaông chồng the dev team?


The zoom màn chơi has been a hot topic since the closed beta - I'm sure they are well aware. Reading the minimap will help. I think they could make the minimap easier khổng lồ read though. I'd like khổng lồ be able to differentiate villies & military at a glance with maybe a dark & light shading of the player colour.

Absolutely. I hope they will fix it. At the end, adding more zoom out does not impact people who wants more zoom, they can zoom but gives an extra help for people with large monitors or in general that wants more eyebird view to lớn underst& the terrain...

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Hope will improve as it is literaly the only problem to lớn me

no i feel the same with the 3d graphics lượt thích you said near walls the zoom & overall a lot of people feel the esame way i think either way probably they will hear our feebachồng & change it or eventually someone will make a gian lận for it !

I think one's opinion on zoom cấp độ depends on one's background.

Myself & others I've sầu chatted with who come from SC2 have sầu no problem with the zoom cấp độ. It feels fine for most of us. People I've sầu talked with who played AoE2 competitively would lượt thích a little bit more zoom out for a little more information. People who played other AoE games very casually or solo want lớn be able to lớn zoom way the hechồng out khổng lồ the point where you can't really click individual units to get that Total War feel.

Its fine for me. I dont even use the zoom out but just the regular zoom we are given at the start of the game

Edit: apparently I triggered a bunch of people with my perception lmao

I even think we are way too far from the battle. I never really feel in the battle because the units are so tiny. And when you zoom in you can't even control your đô thị anymore. Same problem that the total war games have for me. So far away kills the immersion. But I guess I am alone on this

Unpopular opinion: the extra large weapons they had originally và zooming out by 20% would have sầu been the best!


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